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Do I have to apply to the Collector's Club at the beginning of each year?

Will I lose my membership if I haven't made a recent purchase?

Will I be notified automatically once I reach the next level in the Collector's Club?

Will I receive a monthly email detailing my dollar spend and level of membership?

When making purchases at Robert Graham stand-alone stores, will I need to provide the associate with a Collector's Club membership card to ensure I'm receiving my points?

How can I gain credit for an item that was gifted to me?

I am not a resident of U.S. Can I join the Collector's Club?

If I return an item, will the points be deducted from my account?

Will I get points for purchasing a Gift Card?

I have reached the Curator tier, how do I go about naming my shirt?

I have reached the Master Collector tier, when will I receive my exclusive sport coat or sweater?

You only need to sign up for Collector’s Club one time. After that, just make sure to log in with your email and password when you visit Robert Graham, and we’ll always be able to recognize you. Your information will stay current no matter how often you shop with us!

No. Your points will never expire. Once a Robert Graham customer, always a Robert Graham customer! And that includes your Collector’s Club membership

Yes, you will receive an email to inform you that you have reached the next level in the Collector's Club along with all the perks for which you are now eligible.

No, but you can check your spending at any time by logging into your account, then checking your Collector’s Club profile.

No, all purchases made in Robert Graham retail stores and on www.RobertGraham.us will automatically be added to your account. At checkout, you may need to provide the email address associated to the Collector's Club account in order to ensure that you receive your points. Also, the only time you need to keep your receipt to validate a purchase is when you shop outside of Robert Graham-owned stores.

As long as the gift’s purchaser has not already claimed the points for her or himself, you can gain credit for a gift—you’ll just need their receipt! Simply upload the original, unclaimed receipt for any qualified purchase into your own account, and the points are yours.

We welcome all international brand fans to join the club at any time.

Yes. If an item is returned, its point value will be automatically deducted from your account.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor points from the purchase of a Gift Card.

Now that you are a Curator, you will have the opportunity to name a shirt in a future collection. This could take up to three months as our collections are seasonal. Once ready, your Collector's Club concierge will send you three shirt options to choose from. The shirt you choose will then be sold all over the country, bearing the name that you chose!

Now that you are a Master Collector, you can enjoy the privilege of receiving a one-of-a-kind sport coat or sweater, made exclusively for our Master Collectors. Since these are exclusive products, please allow our team some time to prepare them. Once ready, our Collector's Club concierge will contact you to get your preference and sizing.