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Rewards Of The Collector's Club

Exclusive parties. Royal treatment. Fast Cars. Fine Cigars!

Your Collector's Club membership is a passport to privilege. Keep building your collection to slip behind the velvet rope.

$1.00 = 1 Point.

  • Ambassador

    To Qualify

    Purchase any single item.

  • Connoisseur

    To Qualify

    Earn 5,000 Points.

  • Curator

    To Qualify

    Earn 25,000 Points.

  • Master Collector

    To Qualify

    Earn 50,000 Points.


Purchase any single item to become an RG Ambassador. You'll receive:

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Our Connoisseur Collectors are entitled to every Ambassador-level perk, plus:

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Our Curator Collectors are entitled to every Ambassador-level perk, plus:

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Master Collector

This is the ultimate RG experience reserved for our very best collector's. Our Master Collectors are entitled to:

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