Men’s Designer Polo Shirts: Not-So-Basic Everyday Style

Men’s polo shirts are classic casual attire, but your everyday style should go beyond basic—it should tell your story. Take your look from simple to sophisticated with the craftsmanship and intricate detail of our men’s designer polo tops.

Graphic Prints and Bold Colors for Every Mood

Vivid shades of royal blue. Eye-catching skull graphics and two-tone collars. Subtle hues of white and gray. No matter your mood, RG has the perfect polo shirt for every occasion. Short-sleeve knits and breezy prints make our designer collar shirts the perfect addition to your warm-weather wardrobe. Every piece pairs perfectly with your favorite designer jeans for a look that’s sure to draw attention.

Designer Fabrics and a Comfortable Fit

Our men’s luxury polo shirts are made from a high-quality cotton blend, and our “classic fit” guarantees the perfect balance of movement and structure. To preserve the color quality, hand washing is recommended.

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