Behind the Seams


Take a rare peek behind the seams on how our #WearableArt is created.

Signature Attention to Detail

We treat every piece as a collectible and that takes care and time. Based on the complexity of the print and the fineness of the material, executing the original artwork can take up to a week to print. Crystals and embellishments are done by hand by skilled artisans with painstaking attention to detail, taking their time to get it precisely right. One full day goes into a single oversized hand-embroidered detail on a single style while up to 2500 stitches can go into an embroidered front sport shirt. At every step of the way, a devoted quality assurance team is dedicated to delivering our absolute best, at our exacting standards.

The Finest Quality

Robert Graham only embroiders with the finest European threads from some of the most historic mills. For our Limited Edition series, our buttons are exquisite Swarovski crystals or hand-painted shell. In addition, our international sourcing team is on the ground scouring the global markets to find the best in luxury and innovation, so that each garment is crafted of the finest fabrics. We carefully consider the material’s weight, the way it moves and how it will feel against the skin so each #WearableArt is perfectly matched to its ideal fabrication.

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